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Lev Aharon Bikur Cholim presents


Let’s Protect the Sanctity of Our Chinuch and Our Torah Way of Life: Who is Threatening the Spiritual and Physical Safety of Your Family and What Can you Do?


The Battle for Our Children’s Souls Ongoing Since the 1700’s:

Rabbi Chaim Lefkowitz

What is the Real Reason Our Yeshiva Curriculum is in Grave Jeopardy and What Can We Do?

Vera Sharav

Holocaust Survivor: Removal of Medical Freedom and Individual Rights - Learning From History

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Recognizing Who the UN and WHO Actually Are and What are Their Goals

Dr. Peter McCullough with John Leake

on their new book, Courage to Face Covid:

Rabbi Shimon Chyrek

Critical Halachos of Refuah That May Surprise You