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I want to start by reminding all that G-d is listening to every word said here, knows the thoughts of every being, and as the All-Powerful, He will repay each in kind. Baruch Shehakol Nihye Bidvaro. Ain Od Milvado. Lamnatzeiach al mus Labein, mizmor l’Dovid. 

G-d has entrusted you, the FDA, with the enormous responsibility to safeguard the lives of Americans. 

We trusted you implicitly for decades, but now, you broke the trust, as tens of thousands died from the covid injections and you have taken no action. Murder by poison shot is the same as murder by gunshot. 

G-d and the world will judge you, so I urge you to have the courage to stand for the truth that you know as well as I do, and not allow pressure, financial incentives, or threats to influence you. Perhaps it is for your lifesaving vote today that you were born. 

You’re being asked to vote on whether millions of babies and children will be receiving the Covid shots. 

But before injecting anything into a human being, a rational person will ask THREE QUESTIONS. 

1) Is it necessary? 

2) Does it work? 

3) Is it totally safe? The first rule being, “Do no harm.” 

Let us examine these three questions. 

First: DO children NEED these shots to prevent dangerous illness? Definitely NOT. Children’s very active thymus glands and lack of ACE-2 receptors result in a VERY LOW VIRAL LOAD. Children rarely get very ill with covid, and they simply do NOT die OF covid. You’re aware that the CDC drastically exaggerated covid morbidity and mortality, ESPECIALLY in the pediatric population, to hype the fear, just like in the two parents you just heard from. 

Actual data shows that hospitalizations are usually for other reasons, and the child just happened to test positive. 

Slide 3 The fatality rate for 5-11 year old kids could not even be calculated due to an absence of cases. 

Slide 4 Turns out that 100% of so-called covid deaths in children were in kids with a pre-existing condition. The truth here is that these children died of their pre-existing condition, and not of covid. 

Also, there IS treatment for covid, which has been suppressed, to promote rampant fear. 

Most children have already been exposed and developed immunity, making a vaccine even more redundant and more dangerous to them. 

Will you explain to the world, WHAT then is your rationale for giving this shot to kids? 

Second question: Do the shots even work? 

Slide 5 Fraudulent claims of efficacy are being made based on antibody levels, which are NOT a true marker of immunity. That is the false “immunobridging” which was just mentioned. 

Pfizer’s initial trial failed to show any benefit to children, and efficacy for kids plummeted to 12% within a month. 

Slide 8 Here’s Uruguay, where COVID DEATHS rose from 4 a day to 51 a day within 5 weeks of starting their vaccination campaign. Similar scenarios repeated worldwide. The shots have a negative efficacy, as they weaken the immune system. 

Slide 9 Question 3, are the covid shots safe? 

Pfizer’s FDA Briefing document predicted MORE excess hospitalizations due to myocarditis as a result of the shots, than the number they might prevent. 

Slide 10 UK data shows that covid shots increase children’s risk of death by 8,100% or more. US data shows we are killing 117 kids for every child we might save. 

Hospitals across America are overflowing with young patients with rare cancers, strokes, heart attacks, and unusual diseases as never before. Doctors and nurses are starting to speak up. 

Slide 17 How can you live with yourselves if you ignore 29,000 deaths after covid injections on the CDC website, and 49,000 reports of injury or death to children, and keep saying “safe and effective” when YOU KNOW they’re not? 

Slide 19 I urge the members of the FDA to seize the moment to do what is right in G-d’s eyes and what history will judge you favorably for, and not only reject the authorization of both Moderna and Pfizer for young children, but also REVOKE authorization for all the covid shots, which have killed and disabled so many Americans and human beings worldwide. 

I, and millions of others pray to G-d that you will do what is morally right.