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Event Recording

Sunday, October 30 , 2022

Hashem is transmitting, are we receiving?

With G-d’s help, there will be an important event this coming Sunday, October 30 starting at 3 PM, to inform our communities of the serious threats that are facing us globally, both spiritually and physically, and what can be done, G-d willing.

Hear from candidate for NY Governor Lee Zeldin how he can help protect our communities.

This is especially critical in light of the upcoming elections.

Speakers include Rabbis, the attorney who successfully fought Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation, the attorney who filed a civil lawsuit this month against the criminal scientists who created the covid virus in the lab (patents prove this), and more.

B”H 🎁
Amazing 4.5 hour event October 30. Raw footage, event starts 10 minutes into the recording.
-Rabbi Avraham Weisberger
-Rabbi Shlomo A. Pollak
-Investigator James Roguski
-Mrs. Brucha Weisberger
-Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
-Dr. Pierre Kory MD
-Attorney Thomas Renz
-Covid Vax Victim Beverly Steinberg
-Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox
-Prior audio recording of Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin speaking to the community
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Rumble links to individual speakers at October 30 Event “Hashem Is Transmitting, Are We Receiving?”

Dr. Kory’s slides:


Thanks to the person who was kind enough to create these for me and post them on his channel.

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